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Year Round Program

Kessel Heat Program especially at the lower level teams have become so strong due to the fact there is a great amount of players taking advantage of the year round program. It is no secret to how you get to become a great player and that is


Being a year round player your child is able to attend any Kessel Heat activities; all the seasons of AAU / Travel teams, team practices, skill training sessions, also including any camps throughout the year that we offer including our Most Requested All Day Summer Camp.

(Does not include is one on one private lesson’s)

Year round is $3,500 with options to pay in full or payments plan option.

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade cost will be $2,000 for Year Round.

Questions contact: Kyle Kessel at 847.406.7989


Payment Plan Option Info:

To select the Summer Year Round option there will be a $350 or $200 (depending on which registration) charge at time of registration followed by payments on the 1st of every month starting  July 1, 2019 - March 1, 2020

*Note: This is a Summer Year Round Session, there will be a registration made for every season with different months to be charged on

If you sign up for payment plan option the payments can be different, for example if you sign up on June 1st you will get charged $1,050 and not only $350. It will be $350 at time of registration, July 1st & August 1st payment.

Questions please contact Johanna Heffernan