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"Coach Kessel analyzes and enhances ones' ability to be an offensive player better than anyone I have seen. I had coach Kessel come to Tampa to train my son."

Ted Owens - Former Kansas University Head Coach
Voted College Coach of the Decade

"I heard coach Kessel speak on 'shooting' at a clinic in Tampa, FL. and was impressed with his ability to literally break the shot down and focus on footwork and hand positioning to improve the shot."

John Calipari - Former NBA Coach
Current Head Coach - Memphis University

"Kessel's Training runs a very efficient and well-organized camp with an emphasis on individual instruction and improvement. I was impressed by the way they take time to correct mistakes and encourage the players when they do well."

Mike Watkins - NBA/College Scout

"I've seen many shooting camps throughout the country, but after working with Kessel's Training I would put their analysis up against anyone."

Bob Hill - Former NBA coach
Current Head Coach - Fordham University


"I would like to express my sincerest thank you to all of you because without your training, my son would not have had the opportunity to play at the next level.  All of you have done wonderful work over the years with so many kids and I hope you have many more successful years to follow."

  • Rich Oldenburg - Former Kessel Heat Player's Parent

"After having all of my kids play for Kessel Heat we as a family can’t be happier with our children’s development. The program focuses on four key aspects for development ball handling, passing, defense, and speed of play. All of my kids have really enjoyed working with different coaches and trainers from the Kessel Heat program."

  • Rick Schoffstall - Kessel Heat Parent

"My three boys (age 15, 15, and 12) have been enrolled in the Kessel year round basketball program for the past eight years. Under Kyle’s and Dennis’s tutelage, as well as other NCAA certified coaches within the Kessel program, my sons have developed basketball skills and knowledge that have allowed them to successfully compete both at the grade school and high school levels. I have found the Kessel program to be not only large enough to accommodate and teach basketball fundamentals to both the recreational and advanced player, but also small enough to where you and your child are treated like family. The Kessel program has provided the stability, quality coaching and encouragement for a young player to develop his or her basketball skills to its potential. It is up to the individual player, through dedication and practice, as to which level he or she wants to compete as a basketball player."

  • Andrew Smyros - Kessel Heat Parent

“My two sons both started with Kessel basketball in 5th grade. They learned the game the right way from Kyle Kessel and his coaches. Fundamentals, defense and teamwork are the princeples heavily stressed by the Kessel staff. In my opinion, there is no better teacher of the game at this level than Illinois Coaching Hall of Famer, Coach Dennis Kessel. He works on skills in practice and stresses those same skills in the game. My son’s now play basketball at Fremd High School and they hold those same principles to this day. If your child is serious about getting better at basketball and learning from the top coaches in Illinois, I would strongly recommend the Kessel program."

  • Ketih Martin - Kessel Heat Parent