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Mundelein Jr Mustangs Feeder

About Us

Our main focus is to provide an opportunity for young girls and boys that will attend Mundelein High School to participate in an organized competitive basketball program...

Rosters are now posted!

Payments are due this week at practice or skills (please find schedules on your team pages) Cost is $500 and an additional $95 if your son needs a new uniform.

Please make checks out to Kessel's Training

Team Pages:

First Locate your son's name below and notice what team he is on, from there find your team page to your right

On Team Pages Will Be:

  • Tournament Schedule
    • Game Times
    • Note the tournament schedules do not come out until earliest Wednesday night otherwise Thursday before the tournament weekend.
    • Please make sure to check your team pages for game times you will not be notified personally unless there is a last minute drastic game time change
  • Coaches Information (email & phone number)


If you do not see your sons name on a roster please contact Kyle Kessel ASAP

5 Red - Coach Hood 5 White - Coach Hood 6 Red - Coach Wellington 6 White - Coach Wellington
Brandon Bautista De'Charion Broeker Derek Bishop Miles Begg
Keshav Chandramouli Jack Finerty Daniel De Boccio Jr Ryan Bugaring
Jason Dorn Erick Fletcher Brian Fragassi Justin Clapp
Caden Earing Griffin Hill Dominic Kampa Lucas Dickey
Kristian Garcia Joseph Kafka Evan Niemberg Julian Eager
Nathan Hauf Robert Lepczynski Finn O'Malley Joseph Farina
Adam Hauf Kevin Mann Vincent Rogalski Liam Paisley
Aidan Roque Creed Morton Trey Thompson Vito Romanos
Evan Salvador Zach Perraud Griffin Troha Benjamin Tieman
Johnny Weiss Alexander Ruiz Alex Wellington Ryan Weik
Dominic Seminaro Cody Yakimisky
7 Red - Coach Manliguis 8 Red - Coach Manliguis 8 White - Coach Faulkner
Christopher Callas Daniel Hogan Tony Bishop
Michael Carlson Carson Kowalski Jake Dasso
Daniel Connelly Joey Manliguis Justin Faulkner
Michael Farina Nathan Miller Ethan Franzen
Lucas Ganan Tyler Moenning David McKee
Zachary Johnson Brock Paluch Caden Morton
Jackson Koenigsknecht Omari Rhinehart Xavier Ortiz
Chris Martin Joseph Valera Jonathan Patel
Cade McGlothlin CJ Weik Drew Wellington
Christian Seminaro Jake Yakimisky
Lukas Smith

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